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2002-01-29 - 2:15 a.m.

Beep beep beep beep beep... *grumble*

what the fuck? 11:30??? fuck! fuck it.

beep boop beep boop baaaaab

Hi boss, it's me. Well, I've been sick all weekend, sick enough I want to stay home, well enough I could go to work.

"It's your choice"

Okay, I'll go back and try to sleep this off. Thanks boss.

ZZzzzz... One club... zzzz... 16 + 9 =?

zzz.zzz 12-15 + 10-11 =? zz zzzzz


*grumble snort*

mmm... 3:15... wow... it's cold.

some voicemails, landlord claiming she left us some message. called her back, said the furnace wasn't working, like she already knew, and said "send over the boys, any day is fine, just let us know"


56 degrees in this place. sucks.

Oh well, I'll be better tomorrow.

Bridge hand of the day at pogo. both vuln, both with 60 on towards the rubber. I deal up K, AKQJxx, AQTxx, x.

Jesus... I have to bid something, and I sure as fuck am not bidding 1 heart and having it get passed out. fuck it, I'll bid 2 hearts(weak :P). yeye, I know, I got twice as many points as I should, but fuck it. opps bid 2 spades, I bid 3 diamonds, doubled, partner prefers 3 hearts, 3 spades, and 4 hearts from me bought the contract, doubled of course. Wonder if the opps thought anything was amiss when I took 11 tricks. *cough* gotta go back to duplicate, this shit is bad for me.



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