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2002-01-31 - 7:37 p.m.

Mmm... first time ever, should have taken a damn picture. Joined up a game, both sides vuln, down 2000 points, just helping finish the game. figured nothing would go wrong... but wait.

Deal up the cards, AJ, KQJxxxxx, Ax, x

Fine hand, so I'll call 1 heart... opp in with 2 clubs, partner comes back with 4NT. Well, clearly we need a Grand Slam to win the match, so partner must be going for it on crap. 5 hearts from me, admitting to 2 aces, and reply is 7 hearts. No surprise, it's what we need after all.

King of clubs Ace of clubs led, and here's the dummy (and my hand beneath):

KTxx, ATxxx, xxxx, -

AJ, KQJxxxxx, Ax, x

Fucking A. 13 card trump suit. first time I've ever seen it, and it's in a game that doesn't count (at least, not for me).

Ruff the ace of clubs, and take 4 rounds of trumps, ending in the dummy with the Ace, preparing to take one of the finesses in spades. Zero-Zero trump split, of course. On fourth round, East discards the Queen of Spades. I claim 13, accepted, and just winning the match. Shocking!



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